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Trifle Recipes

This classic British recipe is nothing to trifle with! Okay, jokes aside, there are so many different trifle recipes out there but the basic concept is always the same.

The basic trifle recipe is a layering of some sort of cake with something creamy and a bunch of booze poured over it. From there a trifle recipe is as individual as you want to make it.

These days, not everybody puts booze in their trfile recipes and instead make them family friendly. Others, work hard to put as much booze in their trifle recipes as possible. It is all down to personal taste.

Here are just a few trifle recipes for you to try out and find out why there is such a fuss about trifle.

English Trifle Recipe - A Canadian cook shares his recipe for what he calls an English trifle. He uses Jello so it really is a very North American version of an English trifle recipe.

Heston Blumenthal Trifle Recipes - Heston Blumenthal is one of the most celebrated chefs in the United Kingdom. He is known for being slightly 'out there' with his food creations. This time he is taking on the mightly trifle and boy does he get fancy.

Berry Trifle Recipe - This is a far simplier trifle recipe that consists mostly of cake, berries and cream. There really isn't much to argue with from that selection of ingredients.

Vegan Trifle Recipe - A trifle recipe that vegans will be able to enjoy and non-vegans should find very tasty as well.




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