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British recipe collection

British recipes

I wasn't born in the United Kingdom. Love brought me to London from the United States in the summer of 1996. I was so enchanted by both the man and the country I had met that I decided to stay. London has been my home ever since. In fact, I now hold dual American and British citizenship. I am proud to call myself both British and American.

Prior to moving to the United Kingdom, I was convinced by the myth that British cooking wasn't all that good. Boy, was I wrong! Since moving here I have learned that some of the best cooking in the world comes in the form of British recipes.

Not only is modern British cooking some of the most exciting in the world but the classic recipes are some of best comfort food in all of cooking history. There is a reason that so many of the celebrity chefs known around the world are British.

I have become so passionate about British food and sharing recipes from my adopted home that I decided to put up this British Recipe Collection.

The recipes found here represent classic British recipes, the best of modern British cooking and British celebrity chefs.

Simply click on the recipes pages in each category and you will be taken to a page dedicated to that particular recipe. I hope you and your tastebuds enjoy!

Classic British Recipes

Modern British cooking is as varied as the many nationalities which call the United Kingdom home. However, there are certain recipes which will forever be associated with British cooking. Such classic recipes are to be treasured and considered as much a part of British heritage as famous landmarks such as the Tower of London.

What is also interesting about classic recipes from Britian is how they have been carried around the world. There aren't many English speaking countries in the world that don't have their own versions of many of these classic recipes.

So, on the recipe collection pages I have included a variety of recipes for the dishes from around the world. Not only will this make it easier for people to try the recipes regardless of their location but it will also show just how many different ways there are to make a particular classic recipe.

Fish and Chips Recipes - There is simply no recipe that is more associated with British food than the classic of fish and chips.

Shepherd's Pie Recipes - True comfort food British style. Everybody has their own recipe for this classic dish.

Yorkshire Pudding Recipes - Yorkshire pudding has to be one of my faveorite British recipes. No roast meal is complete without a Yorkshire on the side.

Scone Recipes - British scones are perfect when topped with a bit of clotted cream and a dollop of jam. Of course, you should wash all of that down with a cup of tea.

Trifle Recipes - Trifle is such a British dessert but the concept has been taken around the world and adapted for local cultures. No matter which trifle recipe you pick to try it always feels like a real treat.

Rice Puddng Recipes - Creamy and sweet is the name of the game with rice pudding recipes. Real comfort food for those cold and rainy days.

Bread Pudding Recipes - Both tasty and economical, bread pudding is getting trendy again and for good reason.

Recipes From Famous British Cooks

Being a famous cook in the United Kingdom is nearly like being a rock star or sports star in another country. TV chefs are everywhere on British television and those that become popular become very famous indeed. Some of those British cooks have become known all over the world and still others that produce great dishes are still best known in the UK.

Here are collections of recipes from some of the most famous British cooks and chefs around. The recipes aren't always traditional British foods but they are all British cooking and all look amazingly tasty. Why not try some of these famous chef recipes in your own kitchen tonight?


Nigella Lawson Recipes - Nigella has made a splash on both sides of the Atlantic with her glamorous recipes and sensual presentation style.

Jamie Oliver Recipes - Jamie is the current king of British tv cookery and shows no signs of slowing down.

Gordon Ramsay Recipes - Love him or hate him, most people agree that Gordon can cook as good as he can swear.

Tools For Cooking British Recipes

I have put together a collection of a few tools that will make cooking British recipes easier if you are not from the United Kingdom. If you are from the UK then these recipe tools will also be of help to you because many of the recipes found here are from cooks from other parts of the world.

So, with these recipe tools you can easily convert the recipes to make with British weights and measurements.

UK TO USA Ingredient Translation - Often we can look at recipes produced in other countries and scratch our heads over the ingredients. However, usually they are the same ingredients we would use in our own countries only with a different name. I put together this ingredient translation guide to help make translating recipes between the UK and USA terms a tad easier.

Fahrenheit To Celsius Oven Temperature Conversions - A chart to allow you to easily convert oven temperature requirements from farenheit to celcius.

Fahrenheit To Gas Stove Mark Conversions - Some British gas ovens use something called a gas mark as their temperatures for cooking. This chart allows an easy conversion to be made from fahrenheit to gas marks.

Quick US To UK Measurement Conversions - A fast and easy guide to help you convert recipes to and from UK to US measurements.

Cooking Games To Play On Your Computer


I love to cook but even when I am just chilling out I still often have food on the brain. So, when I am in a computer game playing mood I tend to reach for food relation simulation games or time management games. I enjoy them so much that I decied to share a few of them here. Plus, the best part of these food computer games is that you can try out each one of these totally free. Which is great fun. So, why not check out these food computer games and have some fun with food outside the kitchen too!

Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design - This simply has to be one of my faveorite online food games. If you love chocolate then this may just be the food making game for you. Chocolatier Decadence By Design is the second follow up the very popular online food game called simply Chocolatier.

Chocolatier 3 has proven to be even more fun then the first two chocolatier games for me. Firstly, there is the addition of other products tot he online food game so you can make more than just chocolates. However, the best part of Chocolatier 3 for me is the ability to design your own chocolates to make and sell.

For somebody such as myself that loves to both cook in real life and play food games too that is a perfect combination. Go on and click through and try Chocolatier 3. Remember, you get to try it for free so there is nothing to lose!

Ice Cream Craze: Tycoon Takeover - Tycoon games can be a whole lot of fun and that is particuarly the case for me when they are a food game. The gist of this online food game is that you play a character in this food making game that runs a ice cream van. Like with many fast food games, the basic idea with Ice Cream Tycoon is to serve as many different customers in one shift. The better you get at the game the different types of ice cream products you can sell in the online food game and the more ice cream stalls you can own. Good fun and again free to try out.

Cake Mania 3 - The Cake Mania series of online food games are just so much fun that they keep coming out with new ones. Cake Mania 3 is the latest of these food making games and it is just as much fun as the ones that have come before. In Cake Mania 3 so you spend the game making yummy looking cakes and selling them. A real hoot and it is free to try!

Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine - The Cooking Academy games are a lot of fun to people that like to cook because the whole object of the online food game is to learn what goes into the various dishes you need to cook in this food making game. This time around in Cooking Academy 2 it is about learning how to make recipes from around the world. As with the rest of these food games, it is free to try this game.