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Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Prior to moving to the United Kingdom, I had never actually had a Yorkshire pudding. Being American, I think of pudding as being a dessert item a bit like custard. So, why people would have that with their roast dinners was beyond me.

Thankfully, not long after I arrived in London, I was finally introduced to a real Yorkshire pudding and I was forever hooked. Now, no roast is complete for me without a Yorkshire pudding on the side. I have also, on occasion, enjoyed the really big Yorkshire puddings that served as a plate to hold your meat and vegetables. Those are just lovely!

Describing the mere concept of a Yorkshire pudding to somebody that hasn't seen one before can be a bit tricky. They simply aren't like anything I had growing up. Maybe a bit like a thin hollow pancake combined with a popover? Like I said, really difficult but I have yet to meet somebody that tried them and didn't' end up really enjoying their Yorkshire pudding.

Every granny in the UK has her own yorkshire pudding recipe and the pride comes from just how high you can get your Yorkshire puddings to rise in the oven. All sorts of family secrets as to how to prepare the batter come into play.

Here, I have collected a few Yorkshire pudding recipes to help you find the recipe that best suits your family's taste buds.

James Martin Yorkshire Pudding Recipe - The current king of Yorkshire cooking in the UK shares his recipe for Yorkshire Pudding.

Vegetarian Yorkshire Pudding Recipe - A Yorkshire pudding recipe that is vegetarian friendly.




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