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Nigella Lawson's Party Popcorn Recipe

Nigella Lawson can even make popcorn look sexy. Her party popcorn recipe is a pretty straight forward and down right easy recipe that ends up looking super glam.

You have to love that Nigella actually pops her own popcorn on the stove before adding in the spice mixture that makes her party popcorn recipe so special. When you think about it doing something like popping your own popcorn without the use of a microwave or a special machine is probably in danger of become a lost art. Plus, when Nigella Lawson is doing the popping in a perfectly copper colored pot is just looks like something we should all be doing.

What makes this popcorn recipe by Nigella Lawson look so tasty and tempting is the spice mixture she uses. It certainly has a good chunk of butter in that mix but then again this is a luxury popcorn recipe from Nigella Lawson and you wouldn't expect anything less. Her spice mixture includes a variety of spices from cinnamon to paprika and a lot in between. It is the combination of both salt and sugar that caught my eye.



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