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Nigella Lawson's Breakfast Bruschetta Recipe

You know that if Nigella Lawson is cooking the recipe isn't going to be boring. That is even the case when Nigella is cooking breakfast. What for most people would simply be a bit of toast becomes near enough a work of culinary art when Nigella Lawson is in charge.

Nigella's recipe for Breakfast Bruschetta is actually not that unhealthy and looks very filling for what really is slices of toast with things on top. She starts off with freshly sliced sourdough bread and toasts it.

While the bread is toasting, Nigella Lawson puts together her topping for her breakfast recipe. Nigella does three different varieties of toppings for her breakfast bruschetta.

The first is a simply tomato topping, the second is a quick chickpea topping which is similar to humus and the third is avocado and lime. Really, this would be a very healthy start to the day and very filling too as it is full of slow burning carbohydrates and omega 3s.

Health food from Nigella Lawson? Who would have imagined? Mind you, she does put a fair share of olive oil on it at the end just to remind us we are watching a Nigella Lawson recipe.

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