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Jamie Oliver is without a doubt the most famous tv chef on modern British television. He swooped to culinary fame as a young man when he stared in the Naked Chef cooking show. The style of recipe presentation was new and it captured the imagine and taste buds of the British public.

Soon, Jamie Oliver was everywhere on British tv. When he signed a deal with the British supermarket chain Sainsburys it meant that you couldn't turn on your tv without seeing Jamie Oliver at least once during your viewing. The British public can tire of somebody quickly if they get so much publicity and Jamie Oliver was in danger of going down that path.

Then seemingly suddenly, Jamie Oliver changed the nation's perception of him when he decided to take on the condition of school meals in the United Kingdom. With his School Dinners program he drew much needed attention to the fact that kids in schools were eating rubbish meals (turkey twizzlers became food public enemy number one) and had barely any knowledge of fresh food. So, Jamie Oliver took it upon himself to try to change that and to also teach busy parents how to make fresh, healthy and economical food for their kids.

Not everybody has taken his suggestions with the good intentions with which Jamie Oliver intended them and thought he was preaching to lesser off people. However, most people got that Jamie Oliver and his recipes were a good thing.

These days, Jamie Oliver appears to alternate between doing 'normal' cooking shows and then doing a campaigning show. Which means you are never totally sure what you are going to get from Jamie Oliver when he presents a recipe other than that you know it will taste great.

I also tend to appreciate that Jamie Oliver recipes are never too far off what real people would eat. Which makes trying Jamie Oliver recipes all that more fun because you know the chances are that your family will love it as much as you.

Jamie Oliver Ham Hock and Cabbage Recipe - Jamie Oliver shows us that good food doesn't have to be fancy with this humble and tasty recipe.

Jamie Oliver Christmas Pomegranate Cocktail Recipe - A simple but stunning holiday cocktail from Jamie Oliver.



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