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Gordon Ramsay Rack Of Lamb Recipe

For this recipe, Gordon Ramsay starts with a beautiful cut of lamb and turns it into a stunning rack of lamb with a herb crust.

Gordon Ramsay talks us through every step of this rack of lamb recipe and makes it look simple to serve your family top quality recipes in your own kitchen.

I found some of the little tips that Gordon Ramsay gives as he takes us through the lamb recipe interesting. For example, what he says about always seasoning his meat on a plate makes total sense.

By the time that Gordon Ramsay takes his rack of lamb out of the oven it is hard not to be drooling with how good this Gordon Ramsay recipe looks. Then, it gets even better has Gordon puts together the herb crust. The bright green color of that crust as Gordon Ramsay presses the lamb into mixture is so beautiful. It is almost a shame to eat the rack of lamb recipe because it looks so good - almost.


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