British Recipes

Fish and Chips Recipes

There are probably few British dishes as well known around the world as fish and chips. Every town in the United Kingdom thinks that they have the best fish and chips recipe.

These days, not that many people actually cook the fish and chips at home. They get them from a 'chippy' which is a fish and chip shop.

However, it isn't that difficult to make really tasty fish and chips recipes in your own kitchen. So, why not take a look at this recipe collection and then try your hand at making your own version of fish and chips?

Here is a collection of fish and chip recipes for you to try.

Fish and Chips Recipe From Tom Aikens - A recipe for fish and chips presented by British Michelin Star chef, Tom Aikens, as presented on the Market Kitchen tv show. This one has British measurements.

Beer Batter Fish and Chips Recipe - This is a well presented step by step recipe for fish and chips. It displays both British and American friendly measurements.

Affordable Fish and Chips Recipe - This fish and chips recipe comes from the 99 Cent Chef who specializes in showing how to eat well on a budget. This one is made with American measurements and ingredients in mind.

River Cottage Fish Batter Recipe - More about the fish and chips batter than the actual fish and chips but a great recipe video from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.