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Affordable Fish and Chips Recipe

Fish and chips is not meant to be posh food. After all, the dish was traditionally eaten in the United Kingdom wrapped in old newspaper. So, it was about good food at an affordable price.

That is why this fish and chips recipe video from the 99 Cent Chef is worth viewing because he remembers that good food doesn't have to bust the budget. He aims for making good tasting recipes with ingredients that all cost under a dollar.

The 99 Cent Chef goes for using pollock in his recipe for fish and chips and goes into detail for every step of the recipe. He even tells you how to get your chips extra nice by double frying them.

He presents the fish and chips recipe with good humor and from an American slant. Which means that you don't have to understand British ingredients and measurements to try the recipe.

The whole recipe is done in pretty much one pot on the stove. Which means there is no reason not to make your own fish and chips at home.