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Creamy Rice Pudding Recipe

For many people, part of the appeal of rice pudding is the creamy nature of the dish. It feels the most like a proper treat when it has that lovely creaminess and this American cook does a good job of presenting a quick and easy recipe for a creamy rice pudding.

Even though this rice pudding recipe is presented from an American slant he does a nice job of not using any unusual ingredients that may only be available to those making the rice pudding recipe in the United States. So, don't be afraid to give this rice pudding recipe a shot no matter where you are because as long as you can find rice, sugar, milk and cream you will be able to follow along as he makes his creamy rice pudding recipe.

Also, in his version of rice pudding, he doesn't add any raisins so this might be the perfect creamy rice pudding recipe for any of you who love rice pudding but aren't particularly fond of raisins.




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