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Cottage Pie Recipe

As I was putting together the shepherd's pie section of the recipe collection I could just hear British cooks across the country shouting that shepherd's pie has lamb in it not beef.

Yet, in a large part of the world people use ground beef in their shepherd's pie recipe. In fact, when you use beef the recipe becomes a cottage pie recipe. Either way it tastes great!

This cottage pie recipe is interesting on a variety of levels. Firstly, the American cook who is presenting the recipes presents it in such a way to make it look very easy for anybody (particularly men) to cook in a small kitchen. Which is great because so many people think that to do good home cooking such as shepherd's pie or cottage pie they need a big kitchen.

The cottage pie recipe is also interesting because of the way that he assembles his version of the recipe. He actually puts a layer of mashed potatoes on the bottom and on the top. In actuality it is a bit like a cottage pie lasagna recipe.

No matter how he makes his cottage pie recipe it is hard to disagree that it looks very yummy.




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