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Cherry Rice Pudding Recipe.

It is interesting how sometimes the smallest of changes in a recipe can make it a whole new dish. In this rice pudding recipe, really the only major change is that the cook has taken out the traditional raisins and put in dried cherries instead. Instantly, that sounds like a whole new taste experience.

Part of what I like about this rice pudding recipe is how the cook talks about a number of different ways to change up the recipe to make a whole different kind of rice pudding recipe. For example, at one stage he talks about using a bit of coconut milk instead of the normal whole milk. Can't you just imagine doing that with some dried tropical fruit - maybe some dried pineapple and mango? That would be a really nice change to add some variety to your rice pudding recipes.

I also like the way that he has seasoned and sweetened his rice pudding recipe. He uses real vanilla pods instead of extract which would cost more but would also taste really good. Then, instead of using sugar he sweetens his rice pudding recipe with maple syrup. He acknowledges that this won't make the rice pudding as sweet as some people might be used to but still sweet enough and really tasty.




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