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Australian Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Shepherd's pie is one of the recipes that the British gave to the world and the world certainly is coming back with their own versions of the dish.

Gals, if you are partial to a man with an Austrlian accent then this cook sharing his recipe for shepherd's pie is going to be right up your street. Not only does have have a fansatic voice but his shepherd's pie recipe looks pretty tasty too.

He is cooking his shepherd's pie recipe with beef, which he acknowledges, actually makes it a cottage pie. His addtion of an instant gravy mix is interesting for anybody that likes to turn to shepherd's pie for a easy and hearty meal for the family on a busy night.

Don't be put off by this being an Australian recipe for shepherd's pie. It is presented in such a way that anybody could figure out how to make it with the measurements and ingredients in their own country.




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