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Healthy Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you have to shun all comfort foods. That is what this health minded cook from America is showing us with his healthy shepherd's pie recipe.

Rather than going with the traditional ground lamb used in a British shepherd's pie recipe he instead uses ground turkey breast.

Then to make the shepherd's pie recipe even more healthy he skips the normal mashed potato topping. Instead, he goes for a mashed sweet potato topping which means you get a whole lot more nutrients in your shepherd's pie topping. He even adds a secret ingredient to that sweet potato mash to make his version of a shepherd's pie recipe even more different - hot sauce!

It all just goes to show how versatile shepherd's pie is as a recipe and all the changes you can make to it and still have it come out as a tasty and easy to prepare meal. Plus, this shepherd's pie recipe could be great for using up Thanksgiving leftovers.