British Recipes

Gordon Ramsay Shepherd's Pie

For many around the globe, Gordon Ramsay is the face of British cooking. No matter what you think of his choice of language it is hard to argue that Chef Ramsay has a flare for cooking.

So, it feels only fair to include his recipe for shepherd's pie in any collection of recipes for the dish. This Gordon Ramsay recipe is taken from his British cookery show called F-Word (don't worry, the 'f' word is food!). So, that means that the recipe is given with a British audience in mind. However, Gordon Ramsay gives the recipes in general enough terms for anybody to be able to adapt it to cooking in in their own kitchen around the world.

Also, sine Gordon Ramsay is talking to a British audience he makes a traditional shepherd's pie recipe using lamb. Remember, if you use beef it is technically a cottage pie not a shepherd's pie.

For me, the most interesting aspect of Gordon Ramsay's shepherd's pie recipe is the way that he grates the vegetables into the minced lamb. Also, that slug of red wine can't hurt either!