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Gordon Ramsay is famous for two things - his foul mouth and his recipe. Luckily, Gordon Ramsay recipes are so good that it is more easy to lets his sharp tongue and colorful language go.

No matter what somebody night think of the way in which Gordon Ramsay speaks they can not deny that the man really knows how to cook. The culinary skills of Gordon Ramsay certainly haven't gone unnoticed and that has made him famous (and a bit infamous too) around the world.

In the UK, Gordon Ramsay gets part of his fame from having previously been an athlete and then moved into restaurant cooking after an injury. When Gordon Ramsay showed up cooking on tv people were taken back by the rude manner he used when addressing his kitchen staff. Yet, his cooking stood out and Gordon Ramsay became a sort of loveable rouge character here.

Then, he started doing his own reality cooking show called Hell's Kitchen where celebrities learned how to cook in his kitchen. The concept worked and he soon took the whole idea over to the United States and did the show all over again but this time with normal wannabe chefs. Now, Chef Ramsay and his recipes are famous on both sides of the pond and around the world.

Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington Recipe - Chef Ramsay shows us his take on this classic British recipe.

Gordon Ramsay Rack Of Lamb Recipe - Gordon Ramsay takes a beautiful cut of lamb and makes a mouthwatering dish.

Gordon Ramsay Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe - No need to buy mayonnaise when you know how to make it at home and Chef Ramsay shows you how.



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